Crowd Edge

Know who your customers really are and adapt your business to the right audience.

No complicated setup and tuning. Just plug-and-play.

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Smart Device

An intelligent device in an elegant body and with easy installation. Just connect Crowd Edge to the electricity and rest will be done automatically.

Overview Dashboard

Always have your visitor statistics available in real time from any smart device via a browser.

Wide functionality

Real-time visitor

Basic demographic info
(gender, age)

Monitoring the length
of visit

Service pricing

150 EUR/month per device
when operating 1 - 5 devices

125 EUR/month per device
when operating 6 - 10 devices

100 EUR/month per device
when operating 10 and more devices

All prices are valid for purchases with 12 months long contracts.

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Modern technologies

A user-friendly dashboard
in cloud

Maximum data


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