Developing new medical procedures and establishing novel “lege artis” is the true art in medicine. We proudly cooperate in this process with David Habart, MD, PhD from IKEM. Together we created IsletNet, an AI powered web application.

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Since 2017, IsletNet has been developed and tested during actual transplantations. The produced results are consistent and the final reports are easy to process and save. The whole application environment is user-friendly with a short learning curve.

Data collected from multiple experts shows that the islet volume predictions made by IsletNet are highly correlated — the coefficient of determination (R^2) is more than 0.99. Furthermore, we compare the IsletNet predictions with expert predictions, pixel by pixel. An aggregated F1-score greater than 0.9 shows that the system has a human-like precision.


IsletNet employs state-of-the-art AI/ML technologies including deep neural networks and advanced computer vision algorithms. The combination of both produces a unique, precise and reliable solution.