Accounting is an essential part of every business. Thanks to Otto it can be automated, faster and much cheaper. Together with Cognevo we employed an AI solution to optimize the accounting workflow, speed up the invoice processing and reduce related costs.


Otto aims to maximize the amount of automatically processed invoices entirely without human supervision. The system employs AI to recognize digital documents, extract individual invoice elements and automatically manage the bookkeeping. In a full deployment, the system reduces approx. 50 percent of accounting-related costs.

By solving up to half of all invoices automatically, Otto significantly speeds up the entire accounting process, reduces costs and let your employees or customers focus on more important work and higher-level tasks.


Otto works in four simple steps. First, it uses one of many integrations (e.g. Dropbox, e-mail,...) to fetch the document. Second, deep learning is applied to simplify the document and extract relevant information. After, the machine learning models automatically process the invoice into accounting. Finally, once the invoice is processed, it is stored in the system which one can easily search in.

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