AI Solutions

Unlock new opportunities. Push up production.
Let machines do their work and enjoy greater
output in less time and at lower costs. Use AI
as a catalyst for your organization.


Power of AI in medical procedures is truly life-changing. Therefore, facilitating healthcare practice
and research is the true passion. Our solutions assist professionals in clinical decision making, minimize
human errors and positively transform the healthcare ecosystem.


AI powered web app helping doctors to evaluate the quality
of pancreatic islets for surgical transplantation. It simplifies
the cumbersome and highly time-consuming procedure.
IsletNet was developed in cooperation with the Institute
for Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM).

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In-vitro Fertilization

IVF is a method of assisted reproduction, during which an egg
is combined with sperm outside the body and then implanted
back. One of the greatest challenges for embryologists is
grading embryos to decide which ones to implant first. That
job can be done faster and more precisely by our AI solution.


With advances in robotics and automation, manufacturing is one of the most obvious areas where AI
finds a number of applications. We are able to develop, deliver and provide long-term support of custom solutions automating various tasks.

Quality Control

High and steady product quality is often crucial in manufacturing. With the most recent advances in AI and machine learning, tasks which formerly appeared too intricate to be tackled can now be resolved. From the production of heavy machinery to the tiniest bearings, AI can consistently help to identify various flaws reducing the unnecessary human factor.

Business Processes

Running your business smoothly requires a careful process set-up and optimization. AI can push the overall productivity and efficiency further by automating business processes. From data acquisition
to accounting to digital onboarding, whenever there is a repetitive process consuming the invaluable time of the employees, AI is the answer.

Technical Support

For a major telecommunication company, we have performed
an exhaustive analysis of hundreds of thousands of chat dialogues
from online technical support. Based on the derived insights,
we proposed a semi-automated chat environment which allows
the operators to work faster and more effective. The solution includes continuous training and performance monitoring.


A significant part of accounting work is repetitive. Our solution enables to dedicate accountants’ time to use their professional knowledge for higher-level tasks. The system includes integrating
a third-party invoice OCR and custom self-learning AI. More than 80% of invoices can be accounted without human involvement
and with uncompromising 100% accuracy.

Digital Onboarding

Digital onboarding plays a key part in modern business.
Yet identifying a person from a single photo of their ID
is a challenging task. We have developed an AI-powered
system with an ability to learn to read various fields
of any ID from a single image.

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