Solutions for Business Processes

Running your business smoothly requires a careful process
set-up and optimization. AI can push the overall productivity
and efficiency further by automating business processes.
Whenever there is a repetitive process consuming the
invaluable time of the employees, AI is the answer.

Technical Support

For a major telecommunication company, we have performed
an exhaustive analysis of hundreds of thousands of chat dialogues
from online technical support. We designed a semi-automated chat environment which allows the operators to work faster and more effective. The solution includes continuous training and performance monitoring.


A significant part of accounting work is repetitive. Our
solution enables to dedicate accountants’ time to use
their professional knowledge for higher-level tasks.
The system includes integrating a third-party invoice
OCR and custom self-learning AI.

Digital Onboarding

Digital onboarding plays a key part in modern business.
Yet identifying a person from a single photo of their ID
is a challenging task. We have developed an AI-powered
system with an ability to learn to read various fields
of any ID from a single image.