Learn who your customers are, explore their behavior and adapt
your business right to their needs

Vividi is a smart device providing statistics with
fully anonymized information about your visitors.
Absolute GDPR compliance guaranteed.  

Age, gender, emotions, duration of stay. Vividi knows it all

An intelligent device creates real-time statistics including total count of visitors,
their emotions, length of visit and basic demographic information such as gender
and age. No need of set-up or tuning.
Just plug it in and see the power of AI.


Customer info (emotions,
gender, age, length of visit)

Maximum data

Security and privacy of your data are the highest priorities

Thanks to our Edge AI technology, video
data are processed right on the device,
no imaginary is stored or sent anywhere.
We ensure complete anonymization and utmost data security.

Overview Dashboard

Access your real-time visitor statistics with any smart device through our web dashboard.
The accuracy of gender prediction is 95 percent and the average error of age prediction is less than three years.

Vividi camera captures and analyses 25 fps (frames per second).

Real-time visitor

A user-friendly
dashboard in cloud

Local data processing,
GDPR compliance

Making your customers satisfied is the key of your success.
Therefore, Vividi recognizes five different emotions:
anger, surprise, fear, neutral, happiness, sadness.

An intelligent device, elegant body, effortless installation.
Just connect Vividi to electricity and the rest will be done automatically.

How Vividi works

Illustrative image of what is happening inside the Vividi box

Use cases

Customer analytics

Vividi provides an easy way to understand your customers and their behavioral patterns. It identifies the duration of a customer’s stay, popular times of visit, and creates charts by gender and age.

Security analytics

With Vividi comes new era to the security industry. Vividi doesn't need any complicated setup or special adjustment in your office or shop. Additionally, thanks to the powerful AI there will be no more false alarm calls.

Just try it out

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Vividi as a service

Do you have your own video camera system and you would like to use our service?
We can provide detailed statistics about your visitors as if you were using Vividi box.

For more information, contact us.

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