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Developing new medical procedures and establishing novel “lege artis” is the true art in medicine. We proudly cooperate in this process with David Habart, MD, PhD from IKEM. Together we created IsletNet, an AI powered web application.

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Our team has delivered a number of projects in the area of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). In each of these projects, an AI component has played a crucial role. The applications ranged from embryo selection and stimulation protocol suggestion to a continuous search for optimal scoring systems.

Quality Control

High and consistent product quality is often crucial in manufacturing; hence, it is not surprising that quality control automation is not a novel field. Nonetheless, with the most recent advances in AI and machine learning, tasks which formerly appeared too intricate to be tackled can now be resolved (See the demo).

Technical Support

For a major telecommunication company, we have performed an exhaustive analysis of hundreds of thousands of chat dialogues from online technical support. Based on the derived insights, we proposed a semi-automated chat environment which allows the operators to work faster and more efficiently.


Accounting features a significant amount of repetitive work. Our team has substantial experience with bookkeeping automation. The solution included integrating third-party invoice OCR and custom self-learning AI. Ultimately, more than 80% of invoices were accurately accounted without human involvement.

Digital Onboarding

Digital onboarding is a key part in modern business. However, identifying a person from a single photo of their ID is very challenging. We developed an AI-powered system which can learn to read various fields of any ID from a single example.

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Workflow for AI project

Initial Assessment

  • Identify the added value
  • Consider the technical aspects
1 - 2 weeks

Problem Analysis

  • Data analysis
  • Technical feasibility, integration
  • Business case & proposal
2 - 4 weeks

Prototype & Testing

  • Development and modeling
  • In-house and on-site testing
8 - 16 weeks


  • Deployment to production
  • Performance monitoring
  • Continuous learning
    and improvement
12 - 24 weeks
4 years Of experience with AI projects
15 projectsDelivered with our AI workflow