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We are a leader in the development of computer vision AI solutions that increase effectivity, productivity or quality of business in various industries.

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The use of our AI is limitless. Right now, it saves lives in a hospital, streamlines the accounting process and selects the best advertisement for shoppers just by a quick look at a camera.

Workflow for AI project

Initial Assessment

  • Identify the added value
  • Consider the technical aspects
1 - 2 weeks

Problem Analysis

  • Data analysis
  • Technical feasibility, integration
  • Business case & proposal
2 - 4 weeks

Prototype & Testing

  • Development and modeling
  • In-house and on-site testing
8 - 16 weeks


  • Deployment to production
  • Performance monitoring
  • Continuous learning
    and improvement
12 - 24 weeks
4 years Of experience with AI projects
15 projectsDelivered with our AI workflow